Skunk Cabbages

Agoston Janos
Wed, 07 Mar 2007 07:33:00 PST
No it dislikes stagnant water. It was discussed in the AROIDS-L.

Well as a real collector please add me to the "needing all six" (3 Lisichiton and 3 Symplocarpus) :)

There are no overcrowded gardens, where a new plant cannot be fitted.

Jani, Z5a Hungary
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  You can definitely include me in the "needing all three" camp.

  I believe you mentioned that Lysichiton grows well in the middle of 
  streams, Jim.  My admittedly limited observations have led me to 
  wonder whether it favors stagnant water.  Any comments?


  Jim Waddick wrote:
           And some folks NEED all three.

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