Stem-less Spring Bulbs

Terry Hernstrom
Fri, 23 Mar 2007 06:28:54 PDT
Sometimes Clivias in my garden behave the same way. The stems don't elongate
and the blooms open deep inside the foliage. The next flowering season the
flowering is normal. This may happen to only one plant and all the other
plants in close proximity can bloom normal. Strange??

Terry Hernstrom
Redlands CA

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I have been rather curious about a related matter, that being the issue
of stem length at blossom time for Hippeastrum.  Some years a particular
plant will flower with a nice long stem, and then the following year
have just a short and rather unattractive blossom presentation.
Somebody must have done some systematic work on stem elongation in
Hippeastrum for all the flower trade that goes on.  Who knows where this
information might be found?

Boyce Tankersley wrote:

> When I gardened in southern New Mexico the tulips often bloomed at soil
> level. Never figured out if it was a lack of sufficient chilling or the
> very high sunlight levels that kept the stems from elongating.

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