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Jim McKenney
Thu, 01 Mar 2007 11:52:18 PST
Jamie, I'm so amazed and happy at your response to this post. When I wrote
that post, I wondered if I might be wandering once again into such arcane
territory that I would be putting people to sleep. I'm really astonished
that not only is there someone out there who understands exactly what I'm
saying, but also knows the issues well enough to reflect sensibly on them
and add even more to this fascinating story.

The local paper, the Washington Post, runs a weekly piece called Style
Invitational. It works this way: a topic is stated, and people are invited
to write in and complete the topic according to certain guidelines. Almost
every week there will be instances where there will be multiple identical
responses. Great minds think alike...

But I never thought I would get a lucid response when I started to throw
around some of the most gnarly peony names in the books. What a group this
PBS forum is!

Now I have some questions and comments on your post, Jamie. It's good to
learn that Paeonia x chamaeleon germinates quickly. Here's the question:
does it germinate in epigeal or hypogeal fashion?

The parentage you gave for 'Athena' is slightly different than the one I am
used to seeing. What I have read is this, which is more probable than the
one you gave (and rightly doubted!): lactiflora x [officinalis x
(mlokosewitschii x macrophylla)]. 

I'm not aware of any successful crosses between Paeonia officinalis and P.
mlokosewitschii. Are there any? 

I went back to the wiki to see your image of 'Athena' but it's not there on
the peony page and I didn't see it in /files either. Perhaps you can post it

In a sense I'm glad that it was not there: now it is easier to believe that
two people have independently traveled down this little known path!

I have a gardening friend who shares many of my gardening interests and is
if anything more acquisitive than I am. She is convinced that we are brother
and sister separated at birth. I'll have to tell her that we evidently have
another brother we didn't know about.

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where it’s time to dig out
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