Maryland update

Jay Yourch
Thu, 01 Mar 2007 10:26:45 PST
Hi Jim,

You're welcome for the North Carolina update.  It's still cool here, especially at 
night, which does help the strong pigments stay bright. I cut some 'Ice Follies'' and 
'Jetfire' to enjoy in a vase indoors and after a day or so the colors are not as 
intense, although 'Pinza' looks fresh for days, the intense yellow of the petals 
holding well while the orange of the cup intensifies.

I hope to photograph most of the Narcissus collection this spring and post them to 
the Wiki, so if you're into Narcissus you can look forward to that, especially if you 
garden in a colder climate and are wishing you had a little more going on in the 
garden right now.



Jim McKenney wrote:

Thanks for the North Carolina update, Jay!

As a matter of fact, I was browsing the wiki last week and noticed your new
Narcissus images before you announced them. They are very colorful, much
more so than the same cultivars as I grow them here. The temperature perhaps
explains that - by the time these bloom here we are generally getting days
with temps up into the 70s and even briefly 80s F. 

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