please describe the subject of your message

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 02 Mar 2007 06:56:28 PST
Hi everyone,

Our list continues slowly to grow and we now have almost 400 members with 
many diverse interests. I'm sure not everyone reads every message so it is 
very helpful if you include an accurate subject for your message. This also 
helps when people search the archives. And if you are changing the subject 
when you reply to a message, please change the subject line in your email 
message instead of just clicking reply and leaving it like it was. We had a 
lot of "Maryland updates" this week that were really reports of what was 
blooming or not in places other than Maryland. Someone scanning the message 
subjects may not have realized that and missed something they would have 
wanted to read. Thanks.

Mary Sue
List Administrator

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