Skunk Cabbages

James Waddick
Wed, 07 Mar 2007 06:47:29 PST
And no one has mentioned the hybrid between the two Lysichiton
species, which is less common but certainly not less desirable!

Dear Russell;
	This hybrid has occurred various times and is usually sold 
(when available) just as an un-named hybrid, but at least one named 
form 'Devonshire Cream' is available in England. There's a nice 
picture of this hybrid in the Lysichiton entry in the new "AHS/RHS 
Encyclopedia of Perennials". ( I coincidentally authored this entry, 

	I think it is hard to beat either of the species. The Asian 
species has pure white flowers while the American has brilliant 
yellow flowers.  Hybrids tend to water down both, but some prefer the 
cream/ pale yellow color, too.

	 And some folks NEED all three.		best	Jim W.
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