Glads for hardiness

Tony Avent
Tue, 06 Mar 2007 10:01:56 PST

The common form of Gladiolus papilio is not the most attractive species 
glad, but must be one of the most hardy.  A corm from our clone 
hitchhiked on a plant that I shared with a friend in Minnesota.  The 
glad has rapidly spread and survived below -20F with no problems and no 
protection.  This certainly should be a good breeding candidate.

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Brent A. Hine wrote:
> Hi James,
> As to hardiness of S. African glad species, I would guess that about 
> 25-40% could be hardy long term around Vancouver;
> that is, at least 5 years.  We get so darn much rain from November 
> through March that it makes correct siting crucial.
> Until recently, we'd grown G. psittacinus for 15 years before it 
> disappeared, as well as G. papilio - still
> growing strong, of course.  I am looking forward to trying many more.
> This zone 7 with copious moisture is tricky!
> Brent
> Vancouver, BC
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