More Gladiolus pictures

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 03 Mar 2007 07:31:34 PST

I finished the second Southern African Gladiolus page.…

There is a new species added from Cameron McMaster, Gladiolus floribundus. 
There are more habitat shots added from Cameron and from the trip my 
husband and I took to South Africa in 2006. Gladiolus equitans-- in seed in 
Namaqualand, Gladiolus gracils (new pink one just blooming from seed in one 
of my pots and a number of habitat shots from Cameron showing many 
different color forms), Gladiolus hirsutus (photographed by me near the Du 
Toit Kloop pass in August and by Cameron in Hermanus and Napier), Gladiolus 
liliaceus ( a very red one from Cameron), Gladiolus miniatus from Cameron 
near Arniston, and finally another new species added in the Gladiolus 
alatus group, Gladiolus meliusculus seen near Darling close to Babiana 
ringens habitat in September (photographed by my husband, Bob Rutemoeller 
and by me.) Notice how sandy this last habitat is.

Mary Sue

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