Don Hackenberry donhackenberry@acsworld.com
Thu, 08 Mar 2007 12:34:41 PST
Dear Jim, Jim, Diane, and All,

    Turns out I have the 1981 Rix & Phillips, no Ungernia.  Did a Google
search, Ungernia photos on the web aren't on the web yet, except for
herbarium specimens.  Most interesting site is
http://naturetrek.co.uk/reports/… .
Note that they grew at the top of the rocky slope above the river gorge.
That's at the bottom of p 3.

    "So what is the secret of Norm Deno's front yard?"  He has about eight
inches of sand over soil.  Now, there are some sites where you can do that,
and some, such as windswept hilltops, where your sand will be blown away.
But you may think of something, such as rocks to hold the sand down.



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