Glads for hardiness

Max Withers
Wed, 07 Mar 2007 10:18:43 PST
I am one of those self-centered provincials uninterested in hardiness. 
In (my part of) California we are more likely to have problems with 
insufficient chill than too much of it, and some people find the 
fixation on cold-hardiness a little... provincial. However, I am a 
believer in a kind of hybridizing karma, and I wish everyone the traits 
they desire.

For me these are not only petals of reasonable size that don't flop 
around like dirty dishrags, but also some kind of limitation on the 
number of flowers per spike, so that they could bloom at the same time.

This discussion inspired me to spend some quality time with the Color 
Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs (not that I need much of an excuse), and I 
see that 8-9 flowers on a spike is not uncommon in the cape species. So 
it is unfair of me to attribute this flaw to the hybridizers. Though I 
can still blame them for devoting their energy to exaggerating it it.

Oakland CA

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