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Hendrik Strydom
Tue, 06 Mar 2007 11:33:59 PST
Hi All

I'm allso new to this group and from South Africa. I am very impressed
with the knowledge of the members of the PBS. I love our SA plants and
grow a lot of them. My favoured bulbs are Ledeboria's Eucomus and
Nerines and then the Aloes and SA succulents.Living in a very warm part
of our land I don't know a cold frame and we use a greenhouse to
germinate seed and to root cuttings.At the moment it is very dry and we
need rain desperatly.

Enjoy your gardening !!!!

Hendrik Strydom

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I'm new to this group, and actually, I've never been on a "list" so I'm
sure how this works. I came across Matt Mattus's blog (I'm not sure what
blog  is exactly) and was so impressed because he was growing Lachenalia
Nerines  and other South African bulbs. I grow a lot of South African
plants and 
am  growing a lot of South African bulbs in a greenhouse this winter. I
live in 
 Pennsylvania. I'd love to hear about other's experiences with South
bulbs (and other South African plants as well) in these cold climates as
as  in more reasonable areas for growing them (Pacific Northwest,
 Florida, etc.). Hope this is what I'm supposed to do to make contact.
for  any instructions you can pass on to me for how to "do lists" and
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