new member..South African plants and Eucomis autumnalis

Dell Sherk
Thu, 08 Mar 2007 13:58:43 PST
Dear Marilyn,

I can't remember where Dallastown is. I live in the outskirts of New Hope in
Bucks Co. I haven't read your whole message yet - but I am very familiar
with the seasonal dance of the potted and non-hardy bulbs. And as the
climate changes, who can guess what will survive and what won't? 

Oh, I grow SA succulents as well: a bunch of us do!

Welcome to the group! There's good stuff here! And check out our website to
find out about the PBS BX - our seed and bulb exchange.


Dell Sherk, SE PA Zone 6/7, Director, PBS BX

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Hello Hendrik from South Africa's Proudplants and others of PBS~
As a very new member to PBS as well,  I too am very impressed with the
conversations and knowledge of this group. I've enjoyed the glad (and
sometimes not so "glad") discussion. My Ledbouria are blooming right now and
some of my Aloes are too--of course being from Pennsylvania they are inside.
I am addicted to South African succulents (and others, too). My Eucomis are
starting to pop their heads up out of their pots a bit too early. They are
extremely easy to winter-over here. Each fall we dig up the bulbs, usually
after the first light frost has knocked them down, pot them up in a soilless
potting mix (such as ProMix) and tuck them away for the winter in the
basement or wherever they won't be in the way and then we don't think about
them again until Spring. Really, not one thought. Then in May I bring out
the pots and put them on my patio/porch in the sun and give them a drink of
water. Then they take off from there. As soon as I'm finished with classes
later in May and when
  I can get around to it I transplant them to the garden or to mixed
containers and continue to enjoy them for the rest of the summer. What a
plant! Some of my Eucomis have even been hardy over the winter--some of
those that I didn't get around to digging up in the fall. A few Eucomis
autumnalis have come up year-after year for about 5 years. And we don't
normally have snow cover Like Ellen Hornig has in Oswego New York. After
seeing pictures of Oswego, I suppose saying "snow cover" is an
understatement this year. 
This must sound unblieveable and like a lot of effort just to have Eucomis
(and so many other tender things like South African gladiolus or ...
shudder....hybrid glads) in our gardens to someone from South Africa. I'm
sure to most of us it isn't's what we do because we love the
challenge (though Eucomis is NOT a challenge at all), the surprise, the
"having", and the beauty of it all in our gardens.
What's most amazing to me is that you, Hendrik, are roasting in South Africa
desperately wishing for rain and I'm here enjoying a hint of sunshine
sneaking through the windows while it won't get above freezing here today.
Some of you of this PBS discussion group are buried deep in snow and others
are already enjoying a taste of spring while all of us are able to have this
continuous conversation. The thoughts, the suggestions, the experiences and
the passions shared among people around the world in minutes. Really
Marilyn Daly
Rosewood Farm
Dallastown, Pennsylvania
Zone 6 (though I heard this year "we've moved into Zone 7 this year"...could
this be true?)
A sunny and wintry day began this morning at 2F.
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Hi All

I'm allso new to this group and from South Africa. I am very impressed
with the knowledge of the members of the PBS. I love our SA plants and
grow a lot of them. My favoured bulbs are Ledeboria's Eucomus and
Nerines and then the Aloes and SA succulents.Living in a very warm part
of our land I don't know a cold frame and we use a greenhouse to
germinate seed and to root cuttings.At the moment it is very dry and we
need rain desperatly.

Enjoy your gardening !!!!

Hendrik Strydom

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I'm new to this group, and actually, I've never been on a "list" so I'm
sure how this works. I came across Matt Mattus's blog (I'm not sure what
blog  is exactly) and was so impressed because he was growing Lachenalia
Nerines  and other South African bulbs. I grow a lot of South African
plants and 
am  growing a lot of South African bulbs in a greenhouse this winter. I
live in 
 Pennsylvania. I'd love to hear about other's experiences with South
bulbs (and other South African plants as well) in these cold climates as
as  in more reasonable areas for growing them (Pacific Northwest,
 Florida, etc.). Hope this is what I'm supposed to do to make contact.
for  any instructions you can pass on to me for how to "do lists" and
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