More pics, some IDs needed

Roy Herold
Sun, 04 Mar 2007 17:18:24 PST
No more gladiolus, however. Those will come later, after Mary Sue 
apologizes for calling me Roy HERBERT. ;-)

First, I have a sprekelia that looks different from the others. I got it 
from friends who got it from a collector in Maryland (not Jim McK).…

Next, Albuca nelsonii was added for the sake of completeness, as I don't 
see all that much to recommend it.…

Next, I added a couple of my all-time favorite bulb pics to the 
Cyrtanthus page. Obliquus is a stunner...…

Finally, the first in a series of unknowns have been added to the 
Mystery Bulb page. Forgive me if some are not bulbs, or are ID'd on 
other wiki pages that I didn't take the time to peruse.… Bulbs

We anxiously await the expert opinions.

Global freezing update: 3F predicted for tomorrow night. Still haven't 
dropped below zero this winter. Yet.

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