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Joe Shaw
Sun, 13 May 2007 11:43:08 PDT
Hey Gene,

You made me smile; I'm afraid I have created monsters with my 
non-housebroken dogs.  I am redoubling my efforts but they are 6-7 years-old 
now.  And Chihuahuas seem especially stubborn or stupid--not sure which.  I 
don't think I'd choose that breed again, but I lived in an apartment 6-8 
years ago, and have always enjoyed dogs.

I'm afriad my companion and I didn't do a good job when they were 
puppies--we traveled so much on business.  Now that we have a yard again 
you'd think I could get them to figure it all out.

Do you grow any cacti?  I'm not especially addicted to Opuntia (at least not 
addicted to Opuntia only), but I did get enamored with that group as a 
learning experience.  I was curious about why the taxonomy is such a mess in 
that genus, and I do enjoy desert plants and drought-adapted plants, and I 
was traveling to the West at that time so I could study them.  I'm trying to 
reinvent myself so I'll have a productive project in retirement (I'm mid-50s 
and in no danger of retiring soon).  I'd like to write about biology and 
plants, and perhaps make a bit of money doing it.  We'll see; everyone wants 
to be a writer.  I guess it likes acting.


Joe Shaw
Conroe Tx

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> Well Joe, don't worry too much about Big Brother. Then again looking at 
> your email address, I was always wondering what a big cactus plant family 
> is doing running an ISP. In the meantime, could I lend you a crate and a 
> good book to help you house train 2 or more small dogs?
> Gene/San Francisco

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