Chelsea flower show

Graham Rice
Thu, 31 May 2007 13:50:50 PDT
Glad you had such a great time at Chelsea, Nan, it was good meet you there.

Alliums have been popular on the outdoor show gardens at Chelsea for 
quite a few years now, and as a result W S Warmenhoven 
( have started to stage whole exhibits 
of alliums.

Graham Rice (featuring 11 Chelsea posts)

(sending for a second time, first try didn't seem to be delivered...)

>I just returned from a trip to Europe during which I had the 
>privilege of covering the Chelsea Flower Show for the LA Times (if 
>you live in the LA area, watch for the upcoming article - I have 
>still to write it!).
>The show was fantastic as you might imagine, but what I thought would 
>interest this group is the extensive use of Alliums.  I don't know 
>whether it was simply a matter of season, but alliums were used in 
>every combination of color, texture, size and presentation.  A. 
>schubertii which looks like pink exploding fireworks, Allium 
>'Globemaster,' 'Gladiator' both with huge, purple pom poms, and many 
>others were featured both in the designer gardens, and in the 
>displays created by individual nurseries who come to showcase their 
>It truly made me wonder why alliums are not more popular in the US - 
>or at least on the west coast.
>Any thoughts?  Successes or failures to share?
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