Crinum x powellii (Imperial Guard)

Mon, 07 May 2007 09:47:43 PDT
Hello All; 

I also have Crinum x powellii ("Imperial Guard").  It is a found plant from
Nestor White in Orange Park Florida.  It performs here in Lexington much the
same as for Joe.  Unlike other Crinum x powellii, it does not produce a
profusion of offsets.  I received 2 mature bulbs from Nestor early spring of
2006.  The bulbs I received were 13.2 and 12.5 cm in diameter.  This
cultivar produces a large bulb.  Even after planting in March of 2006,  the
bulbs had 4 and 3 scapes respectively in 2006 the first in May 2006.  Both
bulbs have scapes now and have probably been delayed due to a fall bulb
move.  I make bulb moves in mass in late August-October.  An April cold
front delayed some of the crinum blooms this year here in my Zone 8B

I believe this cultivar to be a (x powellii) x bulbispermum backcross.

All said this is a fine, desirable cultivar.


Al Sisk
PO Box 68
Lexington, TX 78947
USDA zone 8b
al at alsisk dot com

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