Chelsea flower show
Wed, 30 May 2007 12:14:30 PDT
I have planted many alliums in my garden but there is not enough chill  hours 
to keep them coming back.
I do have a nice stand of what was given to me called "drumstick  alliums".  
They have come back and even increased here in zone  9.  I'll share some with 
A bit of garden humor, my husband wasn't very fond of them  BUT,  now that he 
is an avid beekeeper, he likes everything the bees like and is  anticipating 
those "bee balls" blooming soon.    They did indeed  look like purple balls 
covered in bees.  I had many plants he wasn't fond  of but when he sees the bees 
all over them his preferences change fast and they  have become desirable 
Every year I say I am going to the Chelsea flower show and then get so busy  
in my own garden I forget all about it.  This year I did go to the National  
Iris Convention but my own garden was in such lush gorgeous bloom I had many  
moments of wondering what I was doing at the National Convention.
Carolyn in zone 9 

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