Tuberous-rooted cactus - welcome and THANKS

James Waddick
Mon, 07 May 2007 06:22:41 PDT
>I've posted images of an undescribed Opuntia species from 
>north-central New Mexico.

Dear Joe;
	Haven't heard from you for a while and interesting notes on 
'bulbous' cactus  and crinum.

Welcome Ken
	We cover all manner of bulbous types here so you should have 
some fun reading along the 'road'

Thanks to Mary Sue and Jay -
	Most list member may not note a slight change in their 
messages. All message used to end with the line:		this 
takes you to the PBS home page in a click

	but a lot of people mention a wiki page or image without 
giving a link. Now the final line of all message is :		which brings 
you right to the wiki home page. Then just type in the image search 
and you get right to the destination.

	Hope it will. help you - it sure does me- to have faster 
access to the wiki galleries.

	And meanwhile, my confusing "scillas' are just finishing. I 
think I bought these as Scilla nonscripta, the classic English 
Bluebells. In pink ('Dainty Maid") white ('Alba"?) and blue 
('Excelsior').  They were briefly Scilla campanulatus and now are 
Hyacinthoides nonscripta - I think.
	Still confused over these and 'Roman Hyacinths, Wood 
Hyacinths and are H. nonscripta and h. campanulatus synonyms of the 
same plant?

	Anyway they were all lovely and have been quite vigorous.

	In between spring and summer bulb seasons here, especially 
after the disastrous spring late freezes cut bloom seasons short. 
Hope the current round of storms doesn't last too long and we can dry 
out with out a tornado coming through, too.

		Best		Jim W.
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