A great new cultivar

Kelly Irvin kelly@irvincentral.com
Wed, 23 May 2007 08:13:28 PDT

What a fantastic mutation! I don't think you should be hindered by the 
name of the society. I believe its creators had no intention of limiting 
the scope to the Pacific Coast. They can correct me if I'm wrong, but I 
believe the name was entirely reflective of the base of operations, 
which, even that, would be and untrue descriptor. They may not have 
realized when first designating the name just how widespread interest 
would be in this listserv, but I believe their hope had always been to 
include information and discussion about flower bulbs in every part of 
the country and the world. You could say that the Pacific Bulb Society 
has already become a fantastic mutation from its original propagation...

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mark n suze wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I've belonged to this group for a long time, but haven't posted before, 
> mostly because i live on the southern Gulf Coast of Florida, and most of the 
> things discussed in this group aren't meant for cultivation here, and i 
> really don't have anything to contribute.  Yet, having lived in California 
> for a period several years ago, i came to be a huge fan of lots of the 
> plants discussed here, and i partially live vicariously thru the posts of 
> this group!
> Anyway, among the tropical "Florida type" things that are on-topic here (i 
> think?) which i grow, are many species of the Aroid genus Amorphophallus. 
> I've recently had a very kewl new mutation show it's self in my back yard, 
> and my wife and i made a web page so we could share it.  I thought some of 
> the folks in this group might want to check it out. If so, go here:
> http://www.hootenization.com/A_Morphed_Amorph.html
> Blessings
> mark
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