Extended bloom of bulbocodium types

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Narcissus bulbocodium graelsii tall form has provided a real surprise. It
first bloomed a few weeks ago; when the first flower faded, it thought that
was it. But eventually a second scape appeared and flowered. This I
dismissed as an anomaly. Today a third scape is in bloom. Is there another
Narcissus which produces flowers sequentially?

Jim ~
Where they can be grown outdoors, this is rather typical performance for the 
species and a number of its forms and hybrids.  I've no experience growing 
this under glass (don't have a g'house!!) but I can't believe that one wouldn't 
be able to enjoy the same sort of performance.  One reason for this is that the 
bulbs multiply quite rapidly and, along as they remain in place and are not 
separated, the offsets (often still enclosed) will bloom, as well, thus 
extending the bloom period.  Deeper planting than average will reduce this tendency 
(rapid multiplication) yet provide almost as spectacular a show in quantity.
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