Peony help requested

Tue, 01 May 2007 08:58:10 PDT
Jim McKenney schrieb:
> A friend sent this peony image to me; she was under the impression that it
> showed Paeonia tenuifolia. 
> It's not one of the wild forms of Paeonia tenuifolia, but it does look like
> a hybrid of Paeonia tenuifolia or perhaps a form or hybrid  of P. anomala.
> Can anyone suggest a better identification? 

I think you have it with P. anomola, which has this type of flower and 
foliage.  Colour may vary from rose red to a magenta.  There is another 
possible entity, which I have never seen, P. hybrida. Some believe it to 
be a hybrid between P tenufolia x P. anomola, while others say it is a 
good species. P. veitchii is similar, but has 3 flowers per stem, while 
P. anomola has but one.

Maybe one our experts can add to this.

Jamie V.

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