Muscari 'Yellow Fragrance' (M. macrocarpum)
Wed, 16 May 2007 19:45:42 PDT
Here's a photo of a yellow-flowered Muscari that I bought bulbs of and planted out last fall, labeled merely as Muscari 'Yellow Fragrance'. After it bloomed last week, I'm convinced it is M. macrocarpum.  Is 'Yellow Fragrance' a real name, or is it as I suspect, one of those dumb made-up nursery names to avoid the use of latin binomials?  Googling the name Muscari macrocarpum, I see images of some really superior bright yellow many-flowered forms, as opposed to the few-flowered yellowy-green form in my plants, shown in the image below.  And what about that cultivar name.... what is "yellow fragrance"?  I didn't know that specific colors had their own fragrance.…
Mark McDonough
Massachusetts, USA (near the New Hampshire border)
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