Moraea pictures added to the wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 29 May 2007 12:54:07 PDT

I've added some more Moraea pictures to the wiki. I had almost decided to 
stop announcing when I do this since rarely does anyone respond so I don't 
know if this is something that people would rather find out on their own. 
But since there was this discussion of hardy Moraea plants I added another 
picture of M. alticola which I suspect was photographed in the Drakensberg. 
It obviously was hardy in Harry Hay's garden in the UK where we saw it and 
I believe Silverhill sells seed of it.

For those people interested in the winter rainfall bulbs, I've added an 
additional picture from Alan Horstmann of M. barnardii and photos from my 
husband and me of M. bubalina which we discovered north of Nieuwoudtville 
in September. We were spending a few days traveling with Marlene and Bob 
Werra and after seeing some marvelous displays of flowers it was later in 
the day when a lot of the flowers were closing so we debated whether it was 
worth driving on. We decided to go on and saw some nice daisies and a few 
Hesperanthas opening as they do late in the day, but we hadn't found too 
much different in the way of bulbs and had decided to turn around and go 
back to our lodging and stopped for a last look. My husband spotted this 
one. It was a species none of us had seen and Bob Werra so loves Moraeas 
that it always makes his day to see a new one. We spent a lot of time in 
this tiny area looking at the different ones we could find. It's one of 
those plants you have to look hard to find as it blends in as you can see 
from the picture of the whole plant where you have to look hard to make it 
out. Fortunately my husband is very good at spotting plants like that.…

Mary Sue

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