Dave Karnstedt - passing away

SALLY BOURRIE sbourrie@prodigy.net
Wed, 30 May 2007 14:16:16 PDT
I'm a stealth member of this list. I haven't been able to have a garden for a few years, but I dearly love bulbs and got started in my education in Oregon by people like Jane McGary and Dave Karnstedt. I just wanted to let everyone on the list know what a generous, kind, knowledgeable person Dave was. He was exactly the sort of person I identify with gardening and bulbs:  dedicated, devoted and generous. He was in Oregon, as many of you know, to grow bulbs, and he adored daffodils.  He's one of the people who helped to birth in me a passion for bulbs and it's a deeply, deeply sad thing to have lost him.  He was a great representative of the kinds of people in the PBS group.
  Sally Bourrie
  Charlottesville, Virginia

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