Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 08 May 2007 10:25:45 PDT
Dear Neil,

On this last trip to South Africa, we often saw a few white examples of 
Irids that were normally a different color. You always found a line waiting 
to photograph them because they were unusual. I was in line too, but after 
looking at my pictures later, most of the time I found the usual form much 
more beautiful too. The white Gladiolus alatus is really nice until you 
look at the orangy-red form. I wonder how often it happens that some are 
white and if there is a reason for this. I'd like to see your white 
Sparaxis. Send the pictures to me privately and I'll add one or more to the 
wiki. Sparaxis elegans is such an amazing flower in all its forms. I 
thought the colors on the odd one in the patch that were otherwise alike I 
added to the wiki was quite striking too. And since I'm a big Geissorhiza 
fan I loved seeing Sparaxis elegans and Geissorhiza splendidissima 
flowering together as well.

Mary Sue

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