Kelly Irvin
Sun, 13 May 2007 15:26:33 PDT
Just a little something to consider with insecticides... It will do us 
all good if, whatever you use, you don't use it exclusively. Try to 
cycle through 3 different active ingredients with your pest control 
regimen, even if one or two are not as effective as the favorite. If 
this is not practiced religiously, you will find your favorite 
eventually losing its effectiveness. I'm out of practice on the common 
pesticides these days, but pest populations can and will adapt. Cycling 
through different means of control is very effective at combating 
mutative adaptation in the pest population, which, at least, lets the 
better pesticides *STAY* your favorite for *LONGER*.

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Terry Hernstrom wrote:
> I have been using this product around my home and on my plants for over a
> year now. I am pleased with the effectiveness and ease of use. Particularly
> on mealy bugs that like to nest deep down in the base of the leaves of
> hippeastrums and clivias. Have not experienced any plant damage at all.
> Because it does seem to break down easily repeated applications are
> neccesary.
> Great for ants as well!
> Terry Hernstrom
> Kimberly Crest House and Gardens
> Redlands CA
> (Where the heat is upon us early this year but the hippeastrums in the
> gardens around town look wonderful!)
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> Hi Gang,
> The note from Jane M. prompted me to look in my computer files.  I do use
> cyfluthin for varous purposes, not often but I do use it.
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