Chelsea flower show

Chad Schroter
Wed, 30 May 2007 11:43:47 PDT
Personally I'd be thrilled if there was a large (>2 inch) and tall (> 18inch) purple/mauve/violet allium with semi-restrained foliage that didn't need at least zone 8 chilling. Aside from A. spaerocephalum and some ground hugging alpine types there are none for Zone 9. Lots of white ones though (many are weedy)...

To fill this pom-pom flower niche I have pseudoarmeria...

Chad Schroter

N Sterman <TalkingPoints@PlantSoup.Com> wrote: I just returned from a trip to Europe during which I had the  
privilege of covering the Chelsea Flower Show for the LA Times (if  
you live in the LA area, watch for the upcoming article - I have  
still to write it!).

The show was fantastic as you might imagine, but what I thought would  
interest this group is the extensive use of Alliums.  I don't know  
whether it was simply a matter of season, but alliums were used in  
every combination of color, texture, size and presentation.  A.  
schubertii which looks like pink exploding fireworks, Allium  
'Globemaster,' 'Gladiator' both with huge, purple pom poms, and many  
others were featured both in the designer gardens, and in the  
displays created by individual nurseries who come to showcase their  

It truly made me wonder why alliums are not more popular in the US -  
or at least on the west coast.

Any thoughts?  Successes or failures to share?

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