A great new cultivar

Carolyn Fra pandi_bear@bigpond.com
Wed, 23 May 2007 07:27:59 PDT
Hi, Mark, :o)
Wow! That is beautiful, I'm jealous.

(Tasmania, Australia)

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Hello everyone,

I've belonged to this group for a long time, but haven't posted before, 
mostly because i live on the southern Gulf Coast of Florida, and most of the

things discussed in this group aren't meant for cultivation here, and i 
really don't have anything to contribute.  Yet, having lived in California 
for a period several years ago, i came to be a huge fan of lots of the 
plants discussed here, and i partially live vicariously thru the posts of 
this group!

Anyway, among the tropical "Florida type" things that are on-topic here (i 
think?) which i grow, are many species of the Aroid genus Amorphophallus. 
I've recently had a very kewl new mutation show it's self in my back yard, 
and my wife and i made a web page so we could share it.  I thought some of 
the folks in this group might want to check it out. If so, go here:


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