Crinums in Marcelle's garden

Mon, 14 May 2007 03:57:40 PDT
It sounds like the Texas rain has really helped!  Here in SW Georgia we are
experiencing severe drought and 90 degree F temps.  It's the first time I
have heard people actually hoping to have the edge of a hurricane brush by.

Erin Grace
Thomasville, GA, USA
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Hi Gang,

I visited with Marcelle Sheppard yesterday.  She's busy as can be after a
year of down time.  She's been weeding and fertilizing, and getting plants
ready to sell, and following up on her hybridization program.  I've put some
images online from Marcelle's home, or from the home of her gardening buddy,
Margie Brown.  Margie Brown also lives in Vidor, TX and grows a large number
of crinums.   

Too bad the overview photos of Marcelle's garden don't capture all of the
color that is present.  It was sunny and my trusty camera just does the best
it can, but panorama shots often have a washed out look.  Flowers were
everywhere, bobbing in a light breeze and showing the entire range of hybrid
Crinum colors.  There must have been a thousand different flowers.  Some
were generously and sweetly fragrant.  Many mroe flowers were yet to open;
June will be just as fine as May.   

Crinums are vexing in some ways.  You wait all winter for flowers and then
all of a sudden there are way too many, and you can't possibly appreciate
them all if you have 20 or more plants.  The plants take up space, they are
not timid about it, so you need room for them.  Additionally, they can be
sulky and slow to flower after you move them; it can take as much as 3 years
for a bulb to get its act together after a move.  Those plants that really
bloom heavily from a clump (lots of offsets) can take 5-10 years to make the
famous and stupendous explosion of flowers-type show.  If you want quick
retuns, plant petunias or Narcissus. If you want the crazy exhuberance of
Crinums, just take your time and don't move the plants often (who wants to
move them anyway, they are so darn big).  And be sure to water and

LINK:  Crinum x 'Margie Brown', one of the best red and white Crinums with
good substance and heavy bloom…

LINK:  Crinum x 'Margie Brown' in Margie Brown's garden, looking like a
peppermint in the daylilies….

LINK:  Crinum x 'Liberty Bell's in Marcells garden (maybe 'White Prince' at

LINK:  Crinum herbertii-like in Margie Brown's garden (on left)…

LINK:  Cecil Houdyshell unnamed seedling, excellent clear pink, good
substance, shorter scape for front of border, increases well and flowers

LINK:  May in Marcelle's garden (Crinum x 'Mamie' in forefront, I think)… 


Conroe TX
Sunny and humid, I hear thunder in the distance 
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