Velthemia Seeds

don journet
Thu, 31 May 2007 00:56:55 PDT
Hi Paul,
             I grow Velthemia in Victoria Australia and have grown many 
from seed. I guess our climate must be virtually ideal if I keep them 
out of the frost which can kill the flowers. Every year I have an 
abundance of seeds and they even fall off and grow themselves, dare I 
say it, almost like weeds.
     My technique for growing from seed is quite simple and has the 
advantage that I know exactly where I am at every stage. I place the 
seed on a paper towel in a take away plastic tray sealed and placed in 
the corner of the kitchen bench. The seed germinates within a week or 
two and can then be planted in a seed raising mix with the first leaf 
just showing above soil level. At this point they move outside.
     I notice one comment about light and flowering. Some of my plants 
are in shade and do not get any sun and they flower just as well as 
those that have more light. In fact I find that our very hot sun can 
cause problems in itself.
     So, as you can see they do not get any special treatment other than 
starting at what must be a fairly even temperature in the house. I have 
found little difference when the seed has been stored or if it is fresh. 
Certainly they have not been chilled or heated or given any smoke 
treatment and germination has been around 95% plus.
     I hope this will help you in your endeavours. If you want to 
discuss any points do not hesitate to contact me.

Don Journet
OPCAA Lachenalia Collection holder

plcrawley wrote:

>	Hello all - I have just received some Velthemia seeds from Australia 
>that I bought through eBay.  Does anyone know specific procedures for 
>these seeds? I would appreciate any information if some of you have 
>raised these bulbs from seed.
>	Thank you.
>Paul L. Crawley
>Greenwood, South Carolina 29646
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