Paeonia japonica. P. obovata

Jim McKenney
Mon, 21 May 2007 05:03:28 PDT
I was asked recently how to distinguish Paeonia japonica and P. obovata. 


P. japonica has been described as being diploid, P. obovata as being
tetraploid (in The Peonies edited by John Wister); Allan Rogers in Peonies
lists both as diploid. 


I grow P. japonica, but I do not grow P. obovata. The plants of P. obovata I
have seen seem stouter than P. japonica as I know it. 


Also, P. obovata gets its name from the relatively wide, blunt terminal
leaflet (Wister again); P. japonica as I know it has relatively long,
narrow, pointed leaflets. 


Can anyone else jump in and cite some differences which a layperson might
use to distinguish these species? 




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