B.J.M. Zonneveld
Thu, 03 May 2007 04:15:05 PDT
I am a bit late to react on the Arum subject However you will forgive me
knowing I was looking for tulips in Kazachstan etc. All Arum italicum,
about 10 clones, I have measured the amount of nuclear DNA from are so
far, ranging from Greece via Italy and France to Portugal and the
Canarian islands are hexaploid. Arum concineum is diploid and Arum
maculatum tetraploid as far as I measured them. Peculiar is that two
arums from greece, one with whitish veins, the other more spotted but
with dark purple stems and flowers flowered fro me in April This seems
very early for A italicum I wondering if they might do so the next year.
I am still looking for a fresh leaf ( or seeds)  of the more rare
species to measure...

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