Keeping up with Jay Y.

Joe Shaw
Thu, 24 May 2007 20:24:21 PDT
Hi Gang,

Jay Yourch does lovely writing, about many topics.  Marcelle Sheppard and I 
enjoy reading his posts.  Recently Jay wrote about Crinum "Shreck," the 
wonderful crinum that came from the Shreck family.  I don't know if it is 
the same as Crinum x 'Carol Abbot', and Jay  nicely touches on this mystery.
LINK:  Crinum 'Shreck' (Jay pseudonym is crinumaniac)…

 Marcelle and I are determined to "keep up with Jay."  (a very fun and 
friendly competition)
Check our article on Crinums.
LINK:  Crinums are the Hot, New Garden Plant

The problem with writing about crinums is that people ask where to obtain 
them.  Crinums are a bit pricey and not offered on every corner.  I listed 
some possible mailorder sources, but I wonder if I've missed some vendors. 
Drop me a note if you can recommend other crinum sources to add to my list 
in the article.


Joe Shaw
C. x powellii has 10 scapes, all topped with pale, flimsy, flowers.  It is 
time to rent a tractor and pull that particular clone out of the ground. 
Even with 10 scapes it is barely noticeable in the garden.  Give me Shreck 
any day. 

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