Velthemia Seeds

Ken Blackford
Wed, 30 May 2007 21:19:23 PDT
Hi Paul,
  I tried for several years with seed produced off my own V.bracteata
  and V.capensis, with no luck ... until last year, when I thought I would chill the seeds over the summer in the refridgerator.  Planted same last fall on top of moistened soil mix and got nearly 100% germination from the V.bracteata seed, but none from the V.capensis.  However ... previous years' V.capensis seed, which I had planted in a mix of a little peat and mostly decomposed granite ... also germinated last fall ... but after I had 'given up' and disposed of the seed & soil in my cactus garden under full sun.  Both species grew well over this past winter ... the V.bracteata still green and many putting up secondary leaves, while the V.capensis in the ground, are beginning to fade. 
  - Ken
  San Diego
  USDA zone 10, maybe 11

plcrawley <> wrote:
Hello all - I have just received some Velthemia seeds from Australia ...  Does anyone know specific procedures for 
these seeds? ...

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