getting hippeastrum papilio to bloom

john s smolowe
Mon, 14 May 2007 18:40:46 PDT
i have 3 12" clay pots filled with h. papillio that don't bloom. i  
have them outdoors in the bay area spring to fall, and two are in an  
unheated greenhouse with little water in the winter and one pot is in  
a heated greehouse and gets watered.  all 3 just limp along. they  
were blooming when i bought them 10 years ago and seem to have made  
offsets, but no bloom. i fertilize them with the rest of my mix of  
orchids, bromeliads, gingers, ferns, etc, with various soluble  
fertilizers, alternated, at half-strength.

do i divide them, fertilize more, different kind of rest, something  

i would search the archives, but i don't see a search function


menlo park, ca

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