Joe Shaw
Thu, 10 May 2007 15:51:17 PDT
Hi Gang,

The note from Jane M. prompted me to look in my computer files.  I do use 
cyfluthin for varous purposes, not often but I do use it.

I remember writing that it is my new "favorite" insecticide.   I like it 

1. It is less toxic than caffeine for mammals and birds
2. Dermal exposure seems nonexistent (so you have to drink it or breathe in 
tons of it to experience problems)
3. It breaks down very quickly (few days) when exposed to sunlight (remember 
DDT which never broke down)
4. It floats on water and so breaks down quickly there too because of 
sunlight exposure.
5. It lasts months in soils but does not migrate easily (won't easily get 
into ground water).  In any event, it does break down after some months in 
the ground.
6. It is a problem for aquatic creatures except that it floats on the water 
and does not dissolve in the water, and it breaks down quickly in sunlight.
7. It works really well for indoor insects and outdoor insects, and if you 
spray it in the home it is safe if you don't lick the floor.  Even if a dog 
licks the floor, it apparently cannot possibly get enough to be harmed.
8. It is sold as "Bayer Advanced Home Pest Control" (Lowes)…

Anyway, as fo any pesticide, be sure to read about it and understand its 
harmful aspects.  Also remember, all pesticides should be stored away from 
small children and pets.

Cyfluthrin, toxicity info (at EXTOXNET)

Final note:  Cyfluthrin is not a systemic insecticide--so it will wash off 
of plants.


Rainlilies are popping up. 

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