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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 23 May 2007 20:02:18 PDT

A couple of comments about our list. Cathy Craig started in our Yahoo when 
she founded the Pacific Bulb Society. I agreed to take it over, but only if 
it would be open to anyone who wanted to participate without a membership 
requirement. I moved if off Yahoo to my Internet provider, but then 
searched for a location where we could have archives. A lot of places I 
emailed never responded or were too expensive and finally someone suggested 
ibiblio.org which has worked out very well. This is what I wrote on the 
list information page as the focus: "Although bulbs (defined more broadly 
to include all geophytes) are the focus, we recognize that people who grow 
them probably grow other things too and will be talking about them from 
time to time. " Most of the time we are on topic and usually the off topic 
discussions don't last too long, although sometimes the off topic 
discussions last a little longer like the current one on tree peonies. I 
advise people to use the delete key when this happens and if they aren't 
interested. Having an accurate subject listed is a big help with this.

Except for the couple of years when I did a topic of the week, what gets 
discussed depends entirely on what people chose to talk about. As with any 
list there are some members who write a lot, some who post occasionally, 
and some who never post. There are now 417 email addresses subscribed to 
our list and there are people who are members of the list from all over the 
world. The majority of the list members are NOT also members of the Pacific 
Bulb Society. Early on I approached a couple of regional bulb groups who 
had their own internet lists to ask if they wanted to join forces with us 
and change our name to something that would work for all of us, but they 
wanted to stay separate and since it would have been a lot of trouble to 
change our name from the pbs list , there didn't seem any point in doing 
it. Sometimes it seems to me that we are now a hardy bulb list, but that's 
just because a few of the more frequent posters live in colder climates. It 
would certainly be fine to talk about bulbs that can be easily grown in 
Florida if someone from Florida wished to start the topic. When we were 
doing the topic of the week, we highlighted bulbs that could be grown in 
different climates. So don't be shy. If there is something you want to be 
discussed, start the topic. We have a lot of very knowledgeable members of 
our group and a lot of people who are willing to help and answer questions.

Someone said running a list is a little like herding cats. Which brings me 
to a common request of asking people not to include the whole post you are 
responding to in your reply. It says this on our list info. page: "Include 
only enough information from the post you are replying to identify it. DO 
NOT INCLUDE THE ENTIRE MESSAGE. This is to keep our archives uncluttered 
and is also a courtesy to the members of the list, especially the digest 
subscribers. " I understand that several extra digests were sent out today 
because a number of people included the entire message in their replies.

Mary Sue

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