Return of some borderline plants

Agoston Janos
Sat, 26 May 2007 10:28:48 PDT
Speaking of Rhodohypoxis...

How long does it takes to establish? I cannot belive that Ellen could overwinter it in NY. I thaught it is hardy around Z7 or 8. I killed my one plant within 2 seasons... Agapanthus africanus also rotted away... But I could overwinter in my room some Curcuma. Unfortunately all C. alismatifolia died in Fusarium infection...
But I successfully cultivating Crinum × powellii in my garden. It came from very old populations, but some from Holland. They are fully hardy herem, but never flowered, because they are in shade, and I do not want to dig in our clay soild for nearly 2 feet deep... Sauromatum venosum (syn. Typhonium venosum) is doing outside well. Last year only one tuber survived the wet and -20°C, but this year it flowered outside well!

Jani, Z5a

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