Crinum luteolum

Robert Hamilton
Wed, 09 May 2007 13:49:35 PDT
Hi Pieter,

Crinum luteolum  appears to be a  distinct species  from  the  
Andamooka  or  Desert Crinum of  South Australia   in the  link.

C luteolum grows in a mixture  of  heavy clay soil and  rock , but  
still has a  very hot and  dry climate, getting about 250mm of annual  

Despite  their  harsh environment both species  seem  quite amenable   
to cultivation remaining in growth while it is  warm and there  is   
moisture  in the  ground  or their  potting media. They  respond to  
rainfall with increased  growth and  slow  down or  stop growing when  
it is  dry.  It seems likely they start and  stop  growing in their  
environment in response to  rainfall .

When I  observed  them  in habitat in  February and March this  year  
their growth cycle  from rainfall, flowering , fruiting,  then dying  
back took only 6 weeks.  Daytime  maximum temperatures  during this   
time  were in the high 30'sC to low 40'sC.

I  suspect you  will have no trouble  growing them.


Rob in Tasmania

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