Bluebells and Narcissus pseudonarcissu

Mon, 12 Nov 2007 12:19:34 PST
I have photographs of both!
Eventually I will get around to scanning them and putting them on the site 
but I don't have a scanner.
I reply to those who say quite rightly that as Bowles or Canon Ellecombe 
rather I think,"if you want to keep a plant ,give it away!".I have shared 
all my rarities with interested people.It is half of the fun sharing and 
exchanging these plants.I had in the orchard here a few vears ago an amazing 
double cream variant in the middle of the orchard population of Narcissus 
pseudonarcissus.It is really cream and not sulphur as 'Eystettensis' which I 
grow alongside as a comparison.I try to grow all of the double forms of this 
narcissus and those that are hybrids of it such as 'Eystettensis'.Another 
double turned up in the region last year too.i have been given the first 
I grow about ten different forms and try desperately to exchange for others 
too.'Gerard's Double' is quite a treasure too.Some such as 'Rip van Winkle' 
are readily available.
How I would love a double leucojum if anyone knows of this.Perhaps an 
exchange could be made?
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> Mark,
> I'm sure you didn't have time to take pictures of the muscari as you
> dashed to the plane, but how about photos of the variants of
> Hyacinthoides non-scripta that you are growing?  It would be most
> interesting to see the full range of colours on our wiki.
> Diane Whitehead
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