Time travel and ancient plants

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> Imagine all thoses wonderful lost plants being available again through twin 
> scaling and other modern methods.They had pink snowdrops then!And just a 
> mention of the plants grown even earlier Red and pink muscari of the baroque 
> gardens,all those wondeful narcissi

This can serve as a reminder to all present-day breeders, and collectors of 
rare plants, to make sure the fate of their collections is provided for in 
their Will, as so often family members have little appreciation of the historic 
significance of what we do.   Also during one's life, try to distribute 
worthwhile plants as much as possible.    Sometimes people hold tightly to something 
great, in the vague hapes of selling it to a big grower someday, well someday 
usually never comes, and the plants will be lost when the property is sold...

Walking away unharmed from my totalled vehicle two days ago (in an accident 
that could easily have killed me by broadside had I been a mere 10 feet further 
down the highway), it was reassuring to know that had I not been so very 
lucky, the legal papers are all in order to ensure that my closest friend Jamie, 
who shares my interest in these bulbs, would inherit them from me as well as 
the land they sit on.   No one makes it out of this world alive, so it is 
important to do the best one can while alive, to keep one's entire life's work from 
being lost at death.

Best wishes,

Bill the Bulb Baron
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