pbs Digest, Vol 58, Issue 12 I. iberica ssp. elegantissima

Adam Fikso adam14113@ameritech.net
Wed, 21 Nov 2007 09:27:40 PST
Good morning, Jim McK.  Although it's possible that the rain did the 
bloomstalk in, it's unlikely in my experience unless it got flooded and the 
area didn't drain.

More likely is a minor injury combined with the wetness you experienced, or 
a bit of organic material next to the rhizome.  In general these plants 
tolerate and can even be greedy for moisture until just before actual 
flowering, when one withholds water and even shields it from any rain, 
unless it has begun to set seed, in which case more water is tolerated. 
However, they are very vulnerable to iris borer, and depth of planting is a 
real consideration.  They should be high, with the rhizome essentially on 
top of the ground where it can not be touched by any organic material.  Have 
the rhizome itself in the coarsest sand you can find, nearly gravel.   A 
flat iris bed is likely to prove deadly and the side of a hill is more than 

Failing these requirements, it can grow well among other plants that take up 
any surplus moisture.  I had a picture of a really large specimen of this 
growing among foot tall grasses near Diyarbekir.   (This is the one area of 
horticulture that I can claim I know something about. I have only given up 
on these after about 45 years.)  Good luck.
Adam in Glenvew, IL USDA 5a


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