Wiki Additions

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 27 Nov 2007 07:42:58 PST

I made another page for one of Australia's tuberous terrestrial orchids:…
The one we saw was Lyperanthus serratus , also known as Rattle Beaks 
because of the sound they make when they blow in the wind. These are plants 
that easily blend into the forest so we were always pleased when we 
"discovered" them.

Last summer when I visited with Diana Chapman she let me take pictures in 
her greenhouses of some of the things that were in bloom. Earlier I added 
pictures of some of the Tigridias and I've finally gotten around to adding 
pictures of R. advena, R. chilense, and R. pratensis. Also I added to the 
Rhodophiala  page Patty Allen's picture of her pink R. bifida plants.…

Mary Sue 

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