Pinellia 'Polly Spout'

Paul T.
Mon, 19 Nov 2007 14:40:32 PST
At 09:19 AM 20/11/2007, you wrote:
>Hi Paul:
>Nice to hear from you, hope you are feeling well. Ellen said that 
>"Polly Spout" is a sterile hybrid between P. pedatisecta and P. 
>tripartita.  Perhaps she will chime in with more info.  I don't know 
>if it availabe where you are, but Lazy SS nursery in the US did have 
>it recently, to the best of my knowledge.  P. pedatisecta was a 
>nuisance in my Connecticut garden so it has been banned from my new 
>garden in North Carolina.


Any sterile hybrid of Pinellia has to be good for the garden.  They 
can be rather enthusiastic can't they?  I haven't found them to be a 
problem for me "yet", and love them all, particularly P. tripartita 
'Atropurpurea' and P. cordata.  The former for the flowers, and the 
latter for the leaves.  Interesting to hear that sterile hybrids are 
being developed, as it can only be a good thing to combat Pinellia's 
reputation as a bit of a thug in the right conditions.


Paul T.
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