Clusius seed

B.J.M. Zonneveld
Thu, 08 Nov 2007 03:59:55 PST
Hello Jim 
For me there is no doubt that Clusius (written 1592, publised 1601, page
139-140) received seeds too from Busbecq in 1573. He describes in detail
that he obtained flowering plants in the 6th 7th and 8th year (repeated
on p 143and already stated in 1583 "Austriam Historia"). In his
publication of 1576 Clusius writes ((.........))Ex seminibus vero qua
fit propagatio, plane (uti dixi) incerto est. Freely translated: (((A
bulblet in the axil of the leaf gives the same color as the mother))
Grown from seed the resulting (color) is uncertain. He also mentions
droppers , most typically for young seedlings.  He also states that
seeds is best sown fresh in autumn. He also says that the seedlings
often give flowers differing from their parents, in color and in
flowering time and so on  SO clearly he was  experienced in growing
tulips from seed. 
In Chitral it is said by Dasgupta 1985 that T clusiana grows in several
Lastly I have seen T schrenkii in the wild with 40 % white 40% yellow
and 20 % all other colors from pink to red with or without a different
colored edge. 
By the way: no need to explain genetics for me, I am a geneticist.

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