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Iain Christie is directly due east of me c. 100 miles but on the coast, his
USDA equivalent may be c. 8 roughly while here in the central Highlands mine
is c.6. The comparison is not very precise but should be thought of as
indicative only. However you need to factor in the photo period due to
latitude as well as we are both very slightly short of 58 degrees North.
This will, with climatic zone explain the Narcissus behaviour as I would be
astonished if mine came into flower before March. Also his lowest
temperatures might be on rare occasions down to - 1C to -5C max, while mine
is regularly down to - 10C to - 18C with occasional -25C. This June on the
19th we had -4C as well as three others 0C to -2c that month. Global
warming? not here it aint. The June temp was facilitated in part by the fact
that at that time of year we have no darkness, here you can read a newspaper
at any hour day or night if cloud cover is non existent, a factor I suspect
in allowing the temp to drop to -4C.
I am not too savvy with the PBS system so would have preferred to post this
there for others to comment but I foul up more times than not, please feel
free to pass it along to them if you fell it might be of interest. Just a
dozy Highlander trying to catch up on technology.
Best wishes,  Iain
Iain Brodie of Falsyde
Auchgourish Botanic Garden & Arboretum

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