Looking for Veratrum seed

Tom Mitchell mitchell_tom@btconnect.com
Tue, 23 Oct 2007 12:40:26 PDT
The village of Wonersh in Surrey, England, where I live, is about as far
from the Pacific Rim as you can get without leaving earth. Despite my
geographically challenged location I have recently joined the PBS in the
hope of corresponding with members who share some of my plant interests.
I've been a keen amateur gardener for many years but I'm on the verge of
committing a serious folly by giving up my job in banking and starting a
small, specialist plant nursery. I'd like to specialise in growing  
bulbs and other herbaceous perennials that are unusual - at least  
from the
persepective of English gardeners - but that are nevertheless growable
outdoors in our notoriously un-Californian climate. I'm particularly
enthusiastic about bulbs in the Iridaceae family but more-or-less  
is grist to my mill. The title of this post refers to the fact that I am
also hopelessly infatuated with the genus Veratrum. I have managed to  
a reasonably comprehensive collection of the European and Asian  
species but
there are two Califiornia endemics - Veratrum fimbriatum and Veratrum
insolitum - that I have been unable to obtain. I would be delighted  
to hear
from anyone who might be willing to swap or sell seed of these  
species (or
indeed many others on my wish list). Please write to me, Tom  
Mitchell, at
tom@theexplorersgarden.co.uk if you would be interested in selling or
exchanging seeds or just in corresponding about Pacific Rim bulbs.

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