Interview with Watson

S. R. Gilbert
Thu, 18 Oct 2007 13:09:46 PDT
Dear group,

Perhaps it would be best simply to ignore all
references to James Watson, but I can't help pointing
out that the celebrity he earned by his remarkable
work on DNA has been tarnished by dozens of dubious
actions and statements, particularly those that
concern the work of Rosalind Franklin and the
intelligence of Africans.

     Yours very truly,
          Sam Gilbert

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Subject: [pbs] Genetics 101:  Interview with Jim
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Hi all,

Since we have been talking about genetics and DNA, is
might be apropos
mention here a very nice interview with Dr. James D.
Watson, Nobel 
laureate, who with Francis Crick discovered the double
helix of DNA.
can find it at:…

I only met Jim Watson one time, around 1959 or 1960,
when he tagged
with Francis Crick to the University of California
Berkeley to give a 
series of lectures. I was a grad student there at the
time, and Jim
had time to kill will Crick made the rounds of the big
Jim dropped by our lab, and my professor introduced
us, as two Hoosiers
away from home (Watson had gone to college in Indiana,
making him sort
 of a 
Hoosier too). He was indeed a callow youth back then,
only 6 years my 
senior; he was very modest and almost shy.

Crick on the other hand on that visit to Cal gave some
of the most 
fascinating and flamboyant lectures I've ever heard in
a scientific 
setting! Crick had an extraordinary way with words,
very articulate.
had to move his talks to the largest auditorium on the
Cal campus, and
then there was an overflow audience -- and this was at
Berkeley, where 
Nobel prize winners were lurking just around many

Jim Watson is a famous scientist with modest roots and
an unfailing
to speak plainly and simply, telling the actual truth.
You won't find
very often in anyone, famous or not, scientist or not.

Best wishes,
Jim Shields (Hoosier)
in central Indiana (USA)

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