Fall odds and ends

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Thu, 25 Oct 2007 18:53:10 PDT
Dear All,
	Not a big bulb season here, except to plant... hundreds 
awaiting the right day.

	We finally had a couple decent rains and the temps have 
cooled into the 50s.

	Galanthus olga-reginae is in bloom. Reliable even after 
dividing this spring.

	Crocus speciosum  is almost done. I think this is 'Oxonian' - 
the immense flowers on skimpy floral tubes get blown over in our 
winds. They look sort of ethereal popping up here and there.

	Another palest blue, smaller crocus is in bloom. Label is 
lost, but I should try to key out the species, at least.

	No sign yet of the usually reliable Crocus banaticus, but 
Crocus sativus has a few leaves visible. Flowers should follow soon 
and I'l pick enough Saffron for a pot of rice. It is said that fresh 
saffron doesn't produce as strong a flavor as dried saffron, but it 
is still wonderful.  Last year I bought some saffron in a small town 
in Tibet - Himalayan Saffron. The shopkeeper must have had a nearly a 
pound of it and it was stored in a large air-tight glass container. 
When the top was removed to serve me,  the scent was tremendous and 
filled the small shop. A fond memory.

	Surely someone else has some fall bulbs in bloom. I wish I 
could grow Crocus goulimyi here. I used to have it when I gardened in 
the slightly protected garden in the middle of the city, but out here 
in sub-sub-urbia it has not flourished. I love the Champagne glass 
shape of the flowers in both pale lilac and pure white (Mani White').

	Any one else ?		Best	Jim W.

ps After stubbornly refusing to bloom all summer, my Crinum 'Mrs 
James Henry' is sending up a flower stalk ( the rain and cooler 
weather? ), but will it bloom or get frosted. Jay any thoughts?
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