What promotes blooming?

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> I like the idea of barometric pressure and will need to test- I had been
> thinking it was something having to do with lightning
> I can tell you for a fact that several of my Zephyranthes, Habranthus,
> Crinum and Rhodophialas can tell the difference between natural rain and
> anything I can come up with.  I have tried hose water, sprinklers, (both
> city water) and rainwater from a barrel.  Depending on the bulb some of
> more "easy" ones respond to quantity, a few more to quality (rainwater)
> most of them stubbornly wait for the real thing- rainwater from the sky.
> Size, age, temperature and timing definitely come into play  but I still
> think some bulbs have other triggers.
> Erin Grace
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